Works for You

Author and writing consultancy

Works 4 You is a new and vibrant communications and creative writing consultancy. Endorsements for their executive consultant:

"I have worked with Kass for many years. Kass has a vast knowledge of tax and business tax. She is adept at condensing lengthy complex legislation into an easy to read document. You can be sure that Kass will deliver a well researched product of a high standard and within tight timeframes."

Bronwyn Jones - Advisor

“I have worked with Kass to get messaging out in our monthly newsletter.  The content is often of a complex, technical nature and Kass is very adept at re-writing and editing to match the comprehension levels of the customer while keeping the core message intact.”

Alex - Legal/technical officer

About - Into Another Dimension
Harker packs much excitement into this story. The thrill of the unknown forces Gemma and Edward to rely on one another, bringing them closer, and the common fantasy of kids who feel overlooked to return home as conquering heroes is well-rendered here. There's humor that generally hits the mark as the Futuristicator and citizens of Picturedurmia try to adapt to English colloquial speech.  
Into Another Dimension is fanciful and imaginative and captures some of the fun (and fear) of being a child suddenly saddled with very adult responsibilities.
Blueink Reviews USA

An Idea is Born

After 25 years with one of New Zealand's largest and most complex government departments, a discussion planted the seed to use the multiple skills Kass developed through her life journey in her own consultancy. Skills in administration, public presentation, training and technical writing made for a strong platform in setting up on her own.

Her experience in producing guides, factsheets, newsletters, e-Newsletters, giving best practice advice, proofreading, and rewriting material make her the ideal candidate for your business. With passion for plain English communications and a desire to make your writing speak to your audience. 

Our First Customer

Paul Dixon-Didier wanted to tell his story in a small book. He asked Kass to help with this enterprise. This is what he said:
"Kass has a rare talent to be able to interpret complex and technical information and communicate this information with clarity and deceptive simplicity without compromising the content or the original information."

1,000 Happy Customers

Works 4 you is in its infancy, born on 1 July 2016. It dreams of having a 1000 happy customers and will work hard to make you one of them.